Wi-Spy DBx is a great tool for those looking to troubleshoot WLAN interference quickly, easily and inexpensively.

"It's a very cool and useful product that any network engineer must have."

Wi-Spy 2.4x is excellent value. Highly recommended.
Network World

Paid for half of itself in an hour.
Wi-Spy Customer

"Wi-Spy is probably the cheapest and easiest to use of all budget wireless analyzers out there."

Highly recommended! If you've got an enterprise installation of any size or you're in the business of planning, installing, managing, or troubleshooting WLAN systems, get one.
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Eye P.A.

When you know there is a problem, but you don’t know what it is – Eye P.A. is the first-step, go-to tool for understanding Wi-Fi network traffic. Aggregating the data, Eye P.A. turns raw packet capture streams into a visual network conversation, highlighting Bytes, Packets, and Time, making it easy to drill down and quickly diagnose network issues, with export to Wireshark.

Eye P.A. - $975.00 CDN!


Eye P.A. with AirPcap Nx Bundle - $1475.00 CDN!


Eye P.A. with Everything Bundle - $3099.00 CDN!


Eye P.A. Everything bundle includes: Metageeek Eye P.A., AirPcap Nx, Wi-Spy DBx, Chanalzyer 5, Report Builder and Device Finder Antenna

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Eye P.A.