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Your Wi-Spy is a great little piece of hardware and Metageek is introducing some great antennas to make your life easier and your Spectrum Scanning more accurate.

Device Finder Directional Antenna

Specifically designed by MetaGeek to work with both the Wi-Spy 2.4x and Wi-Spy DBx products for the 2.4GHz range, this directional antenna securely attaches to the back of the screen on most laptops and netbooks to take it mobile as you track down interference sources.

With an 7 dBi gain, all it takes is a 360 degree rotation with the Device Finder Directional Antenna and you see which direction you need to start looking for the offending device. After that, it’s a simple game of “hot and cold”—no more wild goose chase.

MetaGeek’s own Senior RF Geek, Brian Bandhauer, designed the Device Finder Directional Antenna in-house at MetaGeek to match the characteristics of Wi-Spy DBx and 2.4x. The result; a solid, purpose-built accessory that adds value and functionality to your Wi- Spy—not just a generic antenna originally designed for another application.

  • Narrow Beamwidth: 60 degrees at 7 dBi makes blocking out distracting ambient signals and picking up target signals a breeze.
  • Screen Clip: Maximum effectiveness using the Device Finder Directional Antenna can be had by being mobile and tracking signals in real time. Clip to the rear of most laptop or netbook screens and see the RF environment in the direction you are facing.
  • Rugged and Compact: Throw it in your tool kit and take it anywhere.
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