Wi-Spy Benefits


As the wireless space becomes more popular and congested, interference from non-Wifi devices can seriously degrade network performance. Other Wi-Fi tools, such as NetStumbler and Kismet only provide information about other Wi-Fi devices, but do not show interference from cordless phones, microwaves, Bluetooth devices, Zigbee, etc. Wi-Spy shows you the radio signals from all devices transmitting in that frequency - regardless of what type of device.

How can a Wi-Spy help me?

Here are some concrete examples of how Wi-Spy equipment can help you minimize the time you spend installing and troubleshooting wireless networks.

Watch a video of how Wi-Spy and Chanalyzer can help you. Video Link.

Which Wi-Spy is Right for me?

There are four Wi-Spy models. In a nutshell here are the differences. For a detailed comparison see the Wi-Spy Comparison.

ModelFrequencyAntennaChanalyzer Software
Wi-Spy 2.4i2.4GHzInternalLite
Wi-Spy 2.4x2.4GHzExternal3, 4, Lab, Pro & Lite
Wi-Spy DBx2.4 & 5GHzExternal3, 4, Lab, Pro & Lite
Wi-Spy 900x900MHzExternal3, Lab & Lite

Video Demonstration

Interview with Ryan Woodings discussing benefits and use of Wi-Spy devices and demonstrating the newest products.

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