Eye P.A.

When you know there is a problem, but you don’t know what it is – Eye P.A. is the first-step, go-to tool for understanding Wi-Fi network traffic. Aggregating the data, Eye P.A. turns raw packet capture streams into a visual network conversation, highlighting Bytes, Packets, and Time, making it easy to drill down and quickly diagnose network issues, with export to Wireshark.

Eye P.A. - $ CDN!


Eye P.A. with AirPcap Nx Bundle - $ CDN!


Eye P.A. with Everything Bundle - $ CDN!


Eye P.A. Everything bundle includes: Metageeek Eye P.A., AirPcap Nx, Wi-Spy DBx, Chanalzyer 5, Report Builder and Device Finder Antenna

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Eye P.A.