Wi-Spy 2.4i

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Wi-Spy 2.4i

Need basic 2.4 GHz spectrum analysis, but don’t want to scrimp on performance? Wi-Spy 2.4i packs in a lot of value in this compact package with extra-fine resolution and a super-low noise floor not seen on other entry-level tools. Plus, Chanalyzer Lite, Wi-Spy 2.4i’s software, offers a great assortment of features that help you get to the bottom of interference issues quickly and easily. And to top it off, we’ve added a 3D view and Mac support.


The Wi-Spy 2.4i helps to quickly identify interference, find the quietest channel, and analyze the quality of the signal. Save time and money by setting up your wireless network right the first time.

Chanalyzer Lite


Best resolution for under $150.00
Find the quietest channel for your wireless devices
Track access points and their channel usage with real-time radio data
Resolve sporadic Wi-Fi issues Compatible with Mac and PC


Antenna: Internal
Bandwidth: 2400 to 2492 MHz
Frequency Resolution: 328.125 KHz
Amplitude Range: -102 dBm to -6.5 dBm
Amplitude Resolution: 0.5 dBm

System Requirements

USB 1.1 or 2.0
Windows: XP or Vista or Windows 7 with .Net 2.0
Windows: DirectX for 3-D Viewing
Mac: MacOS 10.5

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Chanalyzer Lite

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